Tranquil Tea

Tranquil Tea’s flower aroma refreshes you, and helps you to take a body relaxation and deep sleep.
Ingredients: Camomile, lavender, spinosus fruit (2.5g x 18T)

Cleansing Tea

Sour and sweet flavor Cleansing Tea is made from blending of fine ingredients that can help your immune system, fatigue recovery, skin care and detoxification.
Ingredients: rose hip, hibiscus, beet, hydrangea tea (3g x 18T)

Warming Tea

A sweet flavor Warming Tea helps you quickly get over your cold and also protect your respiratory system from the Yellow Dust and fine dust.
Ingredients: rose hip, bellflower root, lemongrass, Camomile (3g x 18T)

Intelligize Tea

Intelligize tea, a blending of sweet cacao, bean and wheat gives you a clean taste and accelerates your brain functions.
Ingredients: roasted bean, hydrangea tea, whole-wheat, cacao (4g x 18T)

Refreshing Tea

Refreshing Tea makes your day delightful and is good for your eyes.
Ingredients: hibiscus, persimmon leaf, mint, chrysanthemum (2.7g x 18T)

Cooling Tea

Cooling Tea is made from sword bean and bellflower root that are good for controlling your rhinitis and bronchial troubles.
Ingredients: bellflower root, sword bean, ginseng flower, ginger (3g x 18T)

Zero Tea

Zero Tea is blending of burdock and mate which are rich in dietary fiber and help to maintain good body shape.
Ingredients: burdock, mate, persimmon leaf, mint (2g x 18T)

Serene Tea

Serene Tea gives you refreshing aroma which makes your body and soul peaceful and comfortable.
Ingredients: whole-wheat, spinosus fruit, rose, lemongrass, mint (3.3g x 18T)

Relaxing Tea

Relaxing Tea is ideal for hangover and revitalization of your body.
Ingredients: oriental rasin tree fruit, jerusalem artichoke, cassia seed, persimmon leaf, chrysanthemum (4g x 18T)


A teabag type Camomile is sweet and fresh apple flavor.
The light flavor midnight tea is highly recommended to tea beginners. (1.2g x 18T)